By Cate Mukei

Hi, it’s nice to meet you!

Oh, I should introduce myself?

See, I don’t know where to start because your eyes can only see me.

But there are other people, that your bare eyes will not see.

No, you don’t need any glasses, they require more than just eyes to get acquainted.

These people, they live in my head.

I’m not sure you will like them, I don’t!

Let’s start with Negative Nancy of Nebraska.

She never sees anything good, she questions every compliment! 

Ruins every potential friendship and sabotages every opportunity.

But you blame me, yet she lives in my head!

She has an enemy though!

Positive Patricia of Panama.

Only problem is when they start fighting, I need a moment, in my bed.

Did I say a moment? No I need days.

But you cannot see that, because they live in my head.

I don’t know why I told you this.

Did I freak you out?

Will that ruin any future opportunities?

Do you know people like me?

With people who live in their heads?

I just hoped you wouldn’t judge me.

I can read it in your eyes.

But I want to be ‘normal’.

I used to be normal, judged people with my eyes, but now am not normal.

It all happened so fast, one day I was normal and they now live in my head!

©Cate Mukei (text)